Coloring styles for spring - special multi-week promotion
spring is here. To celebrate, we will offer our coloring promotion with special low prices through March 21.
Awkward shoulder-length messy curls

Short hair is undoubtedly the hottest girl hair style this summer, and the shoulder-length short hair is a girl's hairstyle that is especially favored by many women. With the messy curly hair, it is sexy and full of charm. It is the most authentic hairstyle. And the faint lazy style is also very attractive.

This messy curly hair is a Japanese-Korean style. In the morning light, the cool hair color will be very white, lazy and full of romantic atmosphere. It is still very suitable for taking a photo of friends.

The air bangs with the shoulder curls and the delicate makeup, the feminine charm of this style is hard to make people fall, perfectly interpretation of the definition of "message beauty."

The messy micro-curls have a good sense of air, especially for wet styling. This temperament is very unique and exudes a charming little sexy, but this kind of beauty is generally only suitable for taking photos.